Day Two of our Great Escape

…is centered around the actual art of making herbal medicine, and understanding how to use these medicinal plants after harvesting.

Students will be introduced to processing tools, herb drying, processing and distillation methods and how to make tinctures, capsules, teas and poultices. Students have a special opportunity to create their own custom skin care blends with Dr. Phil right there for guidance and support! Imagine – inventing your own custom creation – salves, nourishing skin elixirs, herbal teas and more under the tutelage of a master herbalist to guide you. How awesome is that?Boot Camp 7

You will also learn how different herbs and medicinal plants can be combined to treat many imbalances in the body and promote healing. When you complete “The Herbal Medicine Makers Boot Camp”, you will leave with your own individual medicine chest of products that you make for you and your family…this is a very empowering experience and will open up a whole new world of discovery for everyone…