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The Windows of Your Soul…

The skin around the eyes is very thin, naturally dry and can be quite sensitive. This area needs special care - there are no pores in this area - nor are there oil producing glands to secrete natural oils to keep the skin moist.

This is why the eye wrinkles earlier than the rest of the face. Moisturizers designed for the face can plug the lachrymal channels and produce water bags under the eyes and cause puffiness and irritation. Products that contain petroleum (this includes concealers and eye make up) can cause little white bumps to form.

These are not whiteheads! It is caused by a build up of petroleum in the outer skin layers. Special care and ingredients are a must to protect, nourish and restore “the windows of your soul”….

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Liquid O2 Extreme Eye Repair


1/2 oz $85.00 qty

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