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Step by Step Skin Care Regimen

1. Cleanse
2. Toner/Mist
3. Serums/Fluids
4. Moisturizer
5. UV Protection

1. Pre-Cleanse & Detox
2. Cleanse
3. Toner/Mist
4. Serums/Fluids
5. Moisturizer


1.  Cleansing is the MOST IMPORTANT step of any skin care regimen.  Always cleanse your skin for at least 60 seconds so there is ample time for the active ingredients to deep clean your pores.  Most of us hurry through the cleansing process, barely knocking off the surface debris, to get to the serum or cream but if your pores are not completely clear, the serum or cream will not penetrate far enough to be of any benefit.

2.  Always mist your face before you apply serums so your skin is moist - this will allow the serum to spread evenly and absorb better.  After any serum absorbs for a minute or two, mist your face again before you apply your moisturizer - for the same reason!

3.  Scrubs and exfoliation are best used once or twice a week to clear away any build up of dead skin cells to keep your skin looking firm and maintain a healthy glow!

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