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"If you have stumbled upon this botanical skin care line, consider it “divine intervention”.  My name is Courtney and I came upon this natural approach to skin care because of a 7 year eating disorder that nearly took my life.  I tried to hide my bulimia and anorexia from anyone who I came in contact with.  The one thing I could not hide was my inflamed skin. 

My skin hurt my self confidence in every way possible.  Every morning I woke up to see a red face with swollen eyes.  I was developing cystic acne that was leaving scars on my face.  I knew there was an internal “root” to my skin condition, but until I could get a grip on my emotions, I just wanted a quick fix to “conceal” my body’s yearning cry for proper treatment. So I piled on the concealer…day in and day out.

"My life changed the day I found Sunshine Botanicals at a local a retailer in my area…a Natural Healing and Wellness Center to be specific.  I was there looking for some kind of  mineral makeup for skin correction, but there was not a concealer powerful enough to create the illusion that I had pretty skin.  When I saw Sunshine Botanicals on the shelf and I thought, “What else do I have to lose”?  I wasn’t familiar with the company, so I went immediately to the web site to learn more. After looking around the site for a while, I contacted Emily Fritchey, founder of Sunshine Botanicals, to see if she had any specific suggestions that might help me.  As I explained my story to her, and the brutal symptoms my skin condition presented, I  learned some very interesting facts that no one else had ever shared with me.

First, I thought I knew how to cleanse my skin…obviously I did not! She explained in depth the why’s and “how to’s” for effective and deep cleansing, as well as what ingredients were necessary to effectively treat my condition. This helped me understand how everything I had used before to clear my skin never was able to get into the deeper layers – where healing begins - and would just lay on the surface making my congested skin worse!  She outlined a simple, but powerful program for me that included ingredients I had never heard of…definitely not like anything else I had ever used.  She incorporated healing serums; potent antioxidants and very deep cleansing that were specific for my needs. I was blown away by the fact that after using this program for only one day, the results were miraculous! Sunshine Botanicals acne program was the beginning of a life changing transformation for me…

Shortly after discovering these products, I found out that Emily would be holding a seminar close to my home town.  I was one of the first to sign up.  I knew that someone who put this type of attention and the highest quality of healing ingredients into each one of her products, has got to be astounding herself.  The seminar was powerful in teaching me the power of each product.  At the seminar Emily handed me a book, The Truth About Beauty by Kat James, and my life has never been the same.  This book provided me with simple and accurate information for correcting the nutritional imbalances resulting from my eating disorder, and Sunshine Botanicals gave me the tools to correct and heal the surface damage. These two ladies have the empowering tools for any life-changing transformation. 

With the knowledge I gained thru The Truth About Beauty and the results I saw with Sunshine Botanicals, in a matter of one month my skin became clear and radiant.  It is rare that I step out of the house and do not get noticed by the way I “glow”.  The mirror has now become a friend, and reflects the “real me”.    Like everyone else, my skin requires some adjustment with the change of seasons, and the Sunshine Botanicals line has made this transition so simple for me.

I can guarantee you will never see me at another make-up counter looking for the “miracle” cream.  The ingredients in this line are real. The results are real.  I am just the result of “finding the truth” in the beauty industry – and incorporating the right formulations from the inside-out." 

Courtney Holden     Knoxville, Tennessee

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