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This image clearly illustrates the how severe the effects of environmental damage and high oxidative stress levels contribute to the breakdown of collagen in the skin and dramatically accelerate the aging process.  This client lived in southern California, never used sun block, and was a smoker throughout her adult life.  At close examination of the skin, in addition to the discoloration, deep wrinkles and lack of tone, you will notice a small, spiky type growth appearing on the left side of her nose.

Medically speaking, this is referred to as a cutaneous horn.  That means it is simply an aberrant, localized build up of dead keratin protein cells.  Unusual, yes.  Disfiguring, definitely!   Even more astonishing, her age?  61? Understanding that a skin with this much degeneration and damage has progressed to an almost impossible point of no return, we believe the "after" photo clearly illustrates an impressive improvement in the pre-existing condition.  The fact that these results were achieved completely without the use of chemicals or drugs, drawing only from the healing power of plants, enzymes, herbal extracts and elixirs, make these results even more compelling.  Notice also, that cutaneous horn on the side of her  nose also dissolved.  In addition, the lines around the eyes and forehead were significantly reduced and her skin color the color and texture brighter and softer.

The really great news?  These results were achieved in only 8 weeks.  The program she followed and products she used are outlined as follows:

Pumpkin Power Peel System

Daily Routine:
.Cleanse and Clarify Exfoliating Wash
.Derma Shield Skin Defense Mist
.Regen-C Firming and Lifting Serum
.eye C. U. Eye Zone Therapy
.ProDerma Firming Antioxidant Cream + Sol Essence Moisture Infusion

.Cleanse and Balance Organic Cleansing Milk
.Derma Shield Skin Defense Mist
.Regen-C Skin  Firming and Lifting Serum
.eye C. U Eye Zone Therapy
.Pro-Derma Firming Antioxidant Cream + Sol Essence Moisture Infusion

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